• The essentials to spruce up your balcony or mini-terrace

    "All things small are cute," says the proverb! So why wouldn't this apply to your balcony or mini-terrace? A balcony that beckons for sun-soaked lounging, even in the heart of the city? Challenge accepted! Here are the key points to prioritize for a summery and cozy balcony. For small balconies and terraces: Think practicality Limited space doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing accessories and decorations: everything is possible with functional and practical layout. There are several tricks to...

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  • Thermal sieves: the DPE evolves for surfaces of less than 40 m2

    The method of calculating the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is set to undergo changes for properties smaller than 40 square meters. An order dated March 25, 2024, indeed adjusts the thresholds of the EPC labels applicable to these properties. This measure, scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2024, aims to make these different thresholds fairer and to remove a certain number of small properties from the category of "energy sieves." What is the EPC ? The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)...

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  • Buying an Occupied Property: Everything You Need to Know

    Are you considering purchasing a property currently occupied by a tenant? While this type of purchase offers advantages, it's important to take some precautions before diving in. Sale price, lease renewal, rental disputes... Buying an Occupied Property: Everything You Need to Know If you're buying a property already occupied by a tenant, you have obligations to fulfill. One thing is certain: you won't be able to occupy the property directly, which isn't problematic for a rental investment. In...

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