• The 6 Essential Points to Check Before Buying Your Dream Home!

    Are you about to buy your house and starting to line up visits in search of that special find? This is a crucial step that mixes moments of stress and excitement, but you must not forget to put all the odds in your favor to make the right choice and avoid any unpleasant surprises. To keep in mind the main points and small details to inspect during your visits and revisits (recommended!), here are six essential points to consider before finalizing your purchase project. Investigate selling prices...

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  • Which types of housing are subject to the energy audit ?

    Since April 1st, 2023, every property seller of an "energy-intensive" property is required to conduct an energy audit. The purpose of this measure is to enhance the buyer's information about the property they are purchasing by listing various energy renovation works that may be needed. Please note: properties in co-ownership are not affected. Currently, only properties classified as F or G are subject to this requirement According to the decree of August 29, 2022, owners of properties classified...

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  • Buying a property with an ongoing legal procedure

    When considering purchasing a condominium, you may find that the condominium in question is subject to an ongoing legal procedure. It is important to understand the nature of such procedures, as they can range from minor to significant. Take the time to assess their implications before committing to your real estate purchase. What does "procédure en cours" mean? The term "procédure en cours" typically applies to condominium properties. By purchasing such a property, you commit to contributing to...

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