• Selling your house? Highlight these 4 key features

    How to Highlight Your Home's Features for a Successful Sale If you plan to sell your house, you likely hope to get the best price and attract numerous potential buyers to choose from. But do you know what to highlight to generate interest? Emphasizing Your Home’s Location When you think about selling, you probably consider optimizing the interior of your property. However, it’s equally important to highlight the location of your home and the vibrancy of the neighborhood to capture the attention...

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  • How to increase the rental value of your property ?

    To optimize the return on your investment in real estate, increasing the rental value of your property is one of the most effective solutions. Energy renovation, maintenance, and furnished rentals are among the strategies that can boost your property's rental value. Energy Renovation Increases Rental Value To enhance the green value and thus the rental value of your real estate, one of the most beneficial solutions is energy renovation. Besides reducing energy consumption and the environmental...

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  • Cannes : An update on real estate prices

    The Cannes Film Festival will take place from Tuesday, May 14th to Saturday, May 25th, 2024. This is an opportunity to review the real estate market and prices in this city, which is adorned every year with a glamorous atmosphere. On the real estate side, the market is buoyant, and prices are on the rise. And it boasts the second most expensive street in France: Boulevard de la Croisette. Cannes is world-renowned for its International Film Festival, which attracts celebrities from the cinema and...

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