Need to transform an office into a bedroom, or open up the kitchen to the living room? In short, looking to undertake renovations while being assured of cost and timeline control?

Exclusive Agency offers a solution with managed construction overseen by a single point of contact. Through personalized support tailored to your renovation project, we handle everything from minor touch-ups to complete overhauls. Our teams cover all trades for interior renovations while respecting your deadlines and budgets.

Entrust us with your desires, and we'll take care of everything !

• Estimation and realization of quotes

• Expert advice on interior design

• Aligned with your dedicated budget

• From carpets, lighting fixtures, indoor furniture, to designer items and decorative accessories. Explore our range directly in our SHOWROOM SHOWROOM!

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How to create a "wow" effect with potential buyers through Home Staging ?

Fostering a "wow" effect during visits by using decoration as a tool for real estate marketing is the objective of "home staging." To evoke the right impression that will make a difference among several properties, prospective buyers must be able to envision themselves in the space, with their furniture and preferences. This involves creating a sense of space, maximizing brightness, using subtle colors, eliminating odors (such as tobacco or pets), and removing overly personal items (such as photos or collections)..

What is the cost to enhance your property's value ?

Today, our Cannes agencies include the intervention of a home stager in their services, especially in the case of exclusive mandates. Expect to pay around €250 for an assessment of your interior and the delivery of a detailed written report. Afterward, you can make the necessary changes yourself, based on the suggestions outlined in the assessment, or you can further engage with the home staging professional, who might provide services by the half-day or full-day, for example. Generally, it's advised not to invest more than 5% of the selling price of the property, as the goal is not to undertake major renovations like removing a partition, but rather to depersonalize, modernize, and give a fresh look to the property. The very principle of home staging is to use cost-effective techniques to revamp your apartment or house.

Towards virtual 3D home staging?

Our partners offer virtual home staging, allowing prospective buyers to visualize the potential of the property without you having to undertake any physical changes to your home. For this, the interior designer, often accompanied by a graphic designer, uses real photos of the property that are then transposed into a 3D environment, making all the necessary changes to enhance the property's appeal: rearranging spaces, updating decor, furnishing empty rooms, etc. It's even possible to go beyond traditional home staging by, for example, opening up a partition. Potential buyers can thus envision themselves in a different layout and see the possibilities offered by the property.

Helping to sell at the best price within the shortest time frame is the goal of our collaborators, who will assist you with :

• Assessing your property and your expectations

• Brainstorming together for suitable solutions

• Directing you to our habitat specialists

• Pre-work (projection) plan

• 2D and/or 3D plans

• Home staging

• Renovation

• Decoration

• Layout

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