The purchase of real estate is often a once-in-a-lifetime project. It is therefore logical that potential buyers are very meticulous during their visit. Environment, garden, roof... these are the most scrutinized aspects by buyers that you, as a seller, should be aware of.


The environment of your house or apartment is the first thing potential buyers encounter when they come for a visit. Remember that the purchase of real estate is a life project. Local shops, public transportation, a sense of security, recreational activities (cinema, theater...), noise disturbances—each buyer has their own predominant criteria. Some may prefer a quiet life in the countryside, while others prioritize the vibrancy of city center living.
Many potential buyers also consider the future resale value of the property. The more attractive the neighborhood, the easier it will be to sell. While you can't change the location of your home, you can anticipate potential concerns from buyers and provide reassurance. Information about upcoming developments, such as a new metro station, nearby schools, or the opening of a recreation center, can be valuable. Find out about the current and future advantages of your neighborhood to help buyers envision their potential future living space.

Garden, balcony... The Importance of Outdoor Space

After considering the environment, potential buyers will focus on your property, starting with the outdoor space. Indeed, it is the first element of your home that they will discover. Moreover, since the health crisis and various lockdowns, the outdoor space, whether it's a garden, a terrace, or a simple balcony, has become one of the most important areas for buyers. Therefore, it's crucial that your outdoor space leaves a positive impression. Take good care of it by removing weeds and dead branches, mowing the lawn, arranging flowerbeds, or using a high-pressure cleaner for your terrace. Buyers also need to feel at home, even in their garden. The absence of overlooking neighbors is particularly appreciated by visitors. Shade sails, fencing... simple solutions exist to conceal existing overlooking issues.
Additionally, potential buyers will scrutinize the condition of the roof and facade. If any repairs are needed, it's better to anticipate their cost to avoid alarming the buyer and prevent aggressive negotiations.

The overall condition of your property and its energy performance are crucial considerations for potential buyers

Once inside your home, potential buyers will pay close attention to its overall condition. They will analyze various details such as the condition of the walls and floors, the presence of moisture (mold stains, peeling wallpaper), the functionality of switches, the electrical installation (panel, outlets, etc.). Visitors need to be reassured about the general condition of your property to eliminate the risk of hidden defects. If there are renovations or repairs needed in your house or apartment, it's essential to anticipate them. By providing quotes from different professionals, you demonstrate your seriousness to potential buyers. To reassure the buyer about the condition of your property, you can present the Technical Diagnostic File (DDT), which includes all mandatory diagnostics (Energy Performance Certificate, Property Risk Statement, electrical inspection, gas inspection, etc.) during the visit.

Given the increasing focus on energy efficiency in France, potential buyers will want to know more about the energy expenses associated with your property. If your property is considered energetically inefficient (F or G on the Energy Performance Certificate), you will need to provide the buyer with an energy audit during the first visit. This document will provide information on the necessary improvements to increase the energy rating, their cost, and the available subsidies or benefits.

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