The essentials to spruce up your balcony or mini-terrace

"All things small are cute," says the proverb! So why wouldn't this apply to your balcony or mini-terrace? A balcony that beckons for sun-soaked lounging, even in the heart of the city? Challenge accepted! Here are the key points to prioritize for a summery and cozy balcony.

For small balconies and terraces: Think practicality

Limited space doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing accessories and decorations: everything is possible with functional and practical layout. There are several tricks to save space.

For instance, think vertical! The space you take up vertically is space gained horizontally. Seen at Maisons du Monde: bistro tables, hanging chairs, storage crates placed underneath... Anything goes to maximize space.

Versatility in furniture is also key: a modular bench that turns into a lounger or a foldable balcony table are must-haves to optimize space. Additionally, foldable and stackable elements are designed for this purpose: lounge chairs can be folded to make room for tables... And tables themselves can be nested, stacked, or modular.

Creating privacy on your balcony or terrace

Nobody wants to feel watched during relaxation time, right? Creating privacy on your terrace or balcony is achievable with a few tricks.

While a parasol or even a half-umbrella (for smaller spaces) can be good allies, combining a shade sail with leafy trellises can be the winning combo. You can also opt for a classic privacy screen that acts as a barrier against prying eyes. This is also practical if you have pets. The shade not only shields you from view and the sun but also doesn't rely on a stand, reducing ground space even further.

Good to know : Remember to stay within the legal framework of the condominium by consulting the regulations to know what you are allowed or not allowed to do: some privacy screens may be prohibited.

Tips for transforming your balcony into a cozy corner

Turning an urban balcony into a cozy and tranquil space isn't necessarily simple, but it's possible! Sometimes, it just takes a little something to change everything. For example, outdoor rugs. Available in all colors, sizes, and shapes, an outdoor rug can help define the "living room" space of your balcony or small terrace and immediately adds a cozy touch.

And for a floor that suits your taste, you can look into coverings. Synthetic turf is a classic for a green look, but wood plank floors or interlocking tiles can also provide a natural and warm feel, even to the smallest spaces. The bonus : no need for renovations, everything can be laid on the existing floor !

Similarly, invest in some soft lights or string lights to run along your wall or railing for a magical atmosphere or a bistro effect depending on the colors and shapes chosen.

Next : don't skimp on fabrics. Head to Maisons du Monde for inspiration! Cushions, throws (for cooler evenings), chair pads, it's always a big yes. If you have enough space, consider a nice chest to store your fabrics and protect them from nighttime moisture.

Storage tip : If space is tight, some sofas or benches come with integrated chests designed for this purpose... To gain even more space, without seeming to.

For a pleasant balcony, don't skimp on plants!

Living in the city doesn't mean living in all concrete. For a pleasant and aesthetic balcony or terrace, plants will be your best friends. Choose them according to the orientation of your balcony: some plants can't stand full south, while others will need it to thrive.

If your outdoor space gets plenty of sunlight, you can even grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits, like tomatoes, basil, or a lemon tree. Almost self-sufficient for your summer meals !

If you don't have a green thumb yet or if your balcony faces north, opt for tropical plants, resistant and easy to maintain, such as ZZ plants, ficus, geraniums...

Finally, beware of the wind: some plants may not mind cold temperatures but will be sensitive to intense drafts.

Going vertical: To bring in greenery without encroaching on balcony space while being trendy, a good option is to install a green wall. Very decorative and fiercely trendy !

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